Here’s a selection of some of our favorite reader feedback:

I LOVED it immediately when I read it, but somehow even more when it helped my sweet son last night. These are difficult times, especially for children. Their world has been turned upside down and they are trying their best to cope. We have had many feelings at our house as we find our new normal. This book helped my son realize that there are other people who feel just like him and that through it all we can still find happiness and joy.
– Hannah C.

Amazing and heartwarming children’s book about our new normal. For the inner child in all of us coming to terms with stuff.
– Rob W.

“I learned I can be happy even when things aren’t the same.” I know it’s a children’s book, but adults can definitely gain something good from this positive message too.
– Cristina K.

It’s great for the littles or the littles in all of us.
– Shari H.

It’s really cute and is a great way to talk through some of the emotions that your little ones are likely feeling right now!
– Ashley H.